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Garage Door Service in Davis, CA

Garage Door Repair is your one-stop shop for all of the garage door services that you may need from repair to installation. Our company is here to help with trained technicians and friendly phone staff. We are happy to be able to provide our services to the city of Davis as well as the surrounding areas.

How To Handle A Garage Door That Isn’t Working

Have been noticing that your garage door has been sticking or isn’t closing all the way before opening again? If this has been happening to you then you will need to have the door looked at and may be repaired. There are a few things that you can look for yourself and may be able to make a few minor adjustments.   Some of the adjustments and things that may need to be done you can figure out on your own and do them. If the door seems to need more than a few small things or you can’t find the problem call a professional. Here are a few things that you can check for yourself when dealing with a stubborn door.
  • Is the door struggling to open and close?
  • Has the door been making loud grinding noises?
  • Are the tracks bent preventing the door from opening?
  • Do the rollers stay in the tracks the whole time?
If you have discovered any of these issues with your door then you will want to give our team a call to help. Our technicians can get there promptly and do some troubleshooting and find the problem. We will be sure to let you know what we find and discuss your options with you so you can make an informed decision.

Have Regular Maintenance Performed

We highly encourage all homeowners to know that it’s very important to have maintenance done to your door frequently. Our company offers a great maintenance service to all of our customers in the area. By having this done to your garage door regularly it also helps to prevent future problems.   Many of the parts on the garage door system such as the rollers, springs and chain assemblies are lubricated. These parts need to remain lubricated at all times and if not it will cause damage to the door system. We also check to make sure that there are no loose nuts or bolts and make the necessary adjustments.

Why You Should Have Your Garage Doors Serviced

Having your garage door serviced regularly is a wonderful idea even if you have no concerns about the door. This service helps to prevent any problems that may occur in the future with your garage door. We suggest that you choose one time of year and stick with that time frame annually.

Call Today

Garage Door Repair of Davis is a dependable team that is here and ready to help you with your garage door(s). Our certified and professional technicians will be there right away to see what’s going on with your door. So please when your having garage door problems then give us a call today.

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